To provide quality education by promoting a safe and respectful environment which encourages the development of individual potential for life-long learning in a diversified society.
— Frazee-Vergas Public Schools Mission Statement

We have listened to community feedback and are proposing a single referendum question in May that addresses the most important needs of our school buildings – safety and security, academic areas, and activity areas that will serve our students and staff for the next several generations.

The need for safety and security of the school facilities and grounds has not changed. School facilities need to be safe for both students and staff.  In today’s world, school districts and communities need to work harder to ensure that safety. With buildings that were designed more than 50 years ago, the District needs to address the access to buildings and the safety of students in outdoor areas. The facilities require updated entrances and exits with a focus on safety and security;  this includes the ability to ensure that everyone checks in with office staff before engaging with students and staff.

The need for improving academic areas also has not changed. Fortunately, most of our academic areas are well-designed and ready for the students of tomorrow.  The interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) courses in the Frazee-Vergas Elementary and Frazee High School have skyrocketed; this includes our robotics program.  Our band, choir, and music programs continue to attract students. In each of these areas, we have been utilizing space designed for a different generation of students. We have excited students and student athletes that deserve enhanced facilities.  

The need for improving activity areas has not gone away. Frazee-Vergas has always made a strong commitment to our student activities.  As we know, a student’s education does not end when they leave the classroom. Every time a student steps onto the track or begins play practice, their passion for education continues.

What improvements are needed?

safety and security

  • Redesign campus to put all building needs, parking, and outdoor activity on the North side of Highway 87

  • Redesign entrances, school offices, parking, and student pickup and drop-off areas

  • Relocate the football / track facility next to our current Junior High football fields; making room for parking and drop-off areas that will improve campus safety


  • Dedicated robotics testing room

  • Additional space for early childhood education (EFCE) / Latch Key

  • Improve band and choir space

  • Strengthen STEAM education in the elementary school

  • Enhance the fitness/weight room

  • Create a student commons; a dedicated area where students can gather, eat, and learn during the school day — The student commons will also serve as our cafeteria, allowing us to use our gym space more efficiently

activity areas

  • NEW Auditorium for dance, plays, musical performances, lyceums, and community use

  • NEW Gymnasium with enhanced seating capacity (710 to 1,100 plus), improved seating for athletes, locker rooms, wrestling practice room, training room, and lobby

  • NEW Football / Track Facility, eight lane competitive track, enhanced seating, concessions, bathrooms, scoreboard, and lighting

    • Significant repairs are needed to the current track, bleachers, bathrooms, and concessions - in the long run, the best financial investment is to replace rather than investing in continuous repairs.

    • Relocation allows for both an area for the NEW gymnasium to be constructed and for a more secure and safe location for our student parking lot.